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Essence of China number ERP refines industry industry solution
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Industry introduction

Careful chemical industry is one of industries of national economy base, had formed system of relatively whole industry of careful chemical industry at present, basically include exterior activator, cosmetic, sensitive data, coating, dye, fluorescent brightening gent, organic pigment, flavor and pesticide to wait.
● coating includes alkyd and alkyd lacquer, latex and emulsion coating and painting of other synthetic resin;
● cosmetic is included cream kind, perfume kind, sachet kind, hair is used, things of oral cavity sanitation;
● spectrum adds feeling dye and agent of chromatic develop quality to include spectrum to add agent of quality of develop of infection makings, color to wait;
● surface activator includes bubble of epispastic, disappear, emulsification, catharsis activator;
● dye includes acid dye, active dye, dispersive dye, cation dye, vat dye, other dye;
● flavor includes natural flavor, synthesis flavor, essence to wait;
● pesticide includes insecticide, antiseptic, herbicide and plant to grow conditioning agent;

Industry character explains

Careful chemical industry belongs to flow industry, and flow industry belongs to process manufacturing industry, the management of process manufacturing industry has his characteristic. Basically mix through undertaking to raw material, detached, smash, heat wait for physics or chemical method, make raw material appreciation. Normally, have production with batch or successive means, compare with disperse production, careful chemical industry has the specialty of the following respect:
● knowledge, technology, resource, capital is concentrated, typical dimensions benefit industry;
● production process is successional strong, flow is relatively fixed, technology is sophisticated, all sorts of at control and attempered characteristic parameter using various;
● product is professional difference of strong, technology is big, technology of industry of relatively conventional petroleum, chemical industry is updated faster; Crop and purchase a plan to be stabilized relatively, issue of government of inventory management, fixed assets management, spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve is outstanding;