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Solution of mechanical trade of China number ERP
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Mechanical industry introduces

Mechanical manufacturing industry is the industrial form with long history, at this late hour, its are the biggest industrial position still cannot by shake. According to statistic, end to last year, mechanical manufacturing industry is one of our country's mainest industry as before, held the share of about 60 % .

Machinist job is the equipment industry of national economy; It is the basis that content of science and technology changes; It is the carrier of industrialization of new and high technology; It is the base that national defence builds; It is the important pillar that implementation economy grows quickly; Also be to rise people lives quality, offer those who consume kind of mechanical and electrical products to supply industry. The adjustment of structure of the quality that it runs to national economy and benefit, industry and optimize have all in all effect.

Machinist job divides roughly for 3 parts:

● machine makes production regard production as the mechanical product of the data. Be like the tractor in agricultural machinery; All sorts of whole set of equipment of the rolling mill in industrial Electromechanical equipment, refinery, generation set, machine tools; Traffic carries the car in mechanical equipment to wait; The bulldozer in building facility, mixer; The mechanical and electrical products of civil spending data, wait like all sorts of electric home appliances
Metal makes ● all sorts of fittings in production production data, machine parts or tools kept in reserve, tool, container, also include to consume metal of the daily expense in the data, the goods that be like aluminium, iron wire, standard component, scissors.

● repairs equipment to have repaired special facility to Electromechanical device and metal namely.