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Solution of trade of electron of China number ERP
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Electronic industry industry introduces

Nowadays our country already was the whole world product of information of the 3rd big electron makes a state, electronic information product has permeated each corners of our life, include things of communication, medical treatment, computer and product of circumjacent seeing and hearing, toy, war industry to wait. Will look from industrial catenary, include an electron yuan semifinished product of product of parts of an apparatus, IC, fittings, electron (if the car carries a product) , terminal product.

● terminal product, 3C product computer (Computer) , communication (Communication) and home appliance consumable (Consumer Goods) has quite representative, the development trend of the product is light, thin, short, small, personalized demand of the client is increasing, the businessman should roll out new product to reach ceaselessly raise product delivery rate. As a result of China's huge market and low cost, china makes central position also consolidate further as the whole world, from this catenary of 3C product industry also is sent more complete, but because domestic manufacturer most lacks core technology to bring about coessential change very serious, price competition still is main competitive measure, be in in the near future, the brand is spent centrally the meeting is taller and taller. Outside building retail terminal oneself except individual manufacturer on sale means, majority uses channel representative sale. Terminal product divides 3C medical treatment product still includes outside the product, electronic toy, these products have his specific market, the company that enlists congener product competition is opposite less.

● electron semifinished product is to point to have independent function, but need to coordinate sale of main body product commonly. For instance car acoustics, air conditioning, floor space interphone, monitor, aviation earphone is waited a moment. The design production of these products needs to cooperate exterior of main body product, dimension, function to ask; basically supplies manufacturer of main body product and maintenance store.

● fittings includes of all kinds computer advocate board, show card, net card, sensor, relay, switch to wait. Fittings already had particular function, want to accord with country or international standard normally, market demand basically comes from terminal product or semifinished product manufacturer, the product with stronger versatility is like computer advocate board wait to also can be in directly market sale.

● IC application is very wide, include parts of an apparatus or appliance of microprocessor, memory, number (CMOS, BiMOS, ECL, TTL) , linear parts of an apparatus (amplifier, manostat, filter) , interface parts of an apparatus, logistic parts of an apparatus.

● electron yuan parts of an apparatus includes resistor, inductance, capacitance, diode, dynatron to wait. These products need to observe occupation standard, versatility is very good, because this is downstream the choice room of the manufacturer is bigger.
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