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Performance ERP
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One undertakes informatization builds the company that once sufferred failure is hit 3 times, undertaking electronic business affairs is built ambitiously nowadays; One once threw 30 million yuan into informatization " black hole " enterprise, already gained the benefit growth of 15% and the advantage that a series of not saying that give number at present... material of Wu Dong of general manager of department of science and technology of information of Fu Yao group is experienced personally with his, told about a traditional business to give out wonderful audio story through letting ERP ceaseless breakthrough, finally.

Informatization is built 3 on 3 stop

Reporter: The informatization that has heard of Fu Yao builds 3 fold, are you in when taking over Fuyao how the problem of look upon Fu Yao? After why carrying out ERP 3 times to do not have a success to 1998 1994, can you still insist finally to come down? Is continueing to implement ERP system 1999 what to kind of understanding be based on? Wu Dong material: Blessing boasts the informatization construction of the group begins from 1994, introduced the system of SSA at that time, but undertook only a few groom, the project stopped, first time informatization built halfway to be exited. Building information system the 2nd times is 1996, with system of EPR of deploy of SSA company new cooperation. Boast in blessing the flourishing of group follower amounts to a company to carry out ERP above all at that time, but when this project had an in part, exist in project goal and executive method respect with SSA company difference, the project also fails finally to finish. Was 1998 the 3rd, blessing boasts the group introduced MONEX system at that time, but as a result of a variety of reasons, this project also is in midway stopped 1999. The informatization of blessing boast group is built 3 on 3 stop, always have certain space from the target.

I was June 1999 the portion comes to Fu Yao. I think to do ERP is a painful process. Through implementing ERP system, the contradiction that can exist the company in running a system is exposed in the round come out. So the enterprise is in on the decision when ERP system, what should understand clear ERP to you can help you do above all? Next, ERP is the one part in enterprise informatization system only, cannot regard it as all; The 3rd, want what have development with relevant and departmental door to communicate. The enterprise is when executive ERP, must give priority to body with oneself, cannot hand in completely will carry out by advisory adviser, after all the administrative system that other understands him very hard in the round and business run a course, can say, this is the Fu Yao experience lesson on ERP construction.

Blessing boast basically is the enterprise type that pattern of a kind of order produces, organize production according to the client's requirement. The automobile glass in home market produces Fu Yao the respect is the first, speaking a volume is China is the biggest, competitive pressure is very great also. Want to get used to the demand of the market and user better, be about to make system of good ERP system, construction electron business affairs. So the informatization of the enterprise builds the development with the enterprise closely related demand. Stand in the strategic angle consideration of the enterprise, informatization is a route that takes surely. The consideration is clear that informatization can bring what kind of help for the enterprise, make a clear business develop systematic framework, have team of actual strength technology, very good management kind plus oneself, ERP is not perilous peak.
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