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Careful ERP hidden trouble
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Almost all executive adviser can explain to public to you, the success of ERP carries out those who bring your company will be: Reduce inventory, raise stock fund turnover rate, reduce check error; Shorten production is periodic, improve productivity; Deliver the goods on schedule raise a client to serve quality; Reduce purchase cost, reduce overwork cost; Reduce accident of financial income and expenses or incur loss through delay.

But after the face has let, think conversely even. A such all-purpose departments unite dawn cold to have a fever, will cause how result. The company is right severe shortage is right in ERP type selecting of security of software product itself, stability make an on-the-spot investigation. Habit of a few people is dispersed " 3 minutes of software, carry out 7 minutes " and " ERP is administrative issue " , just fall in the circumstance with current ERP low popularity rate, the consideration of a kind of conduct propaganda. Actually the one side of software also must textual research, give enough attention.

Unless you hide in cave all the time, otherwise you without doubt all sorts of hearsays that can hear the Windows of concerned Microsoft discovers major flaw, although every time Microsoft is very fast made flaw patch, but bury is not discovered at the back, still do not know how to many have. What what I hope is, can right without that person Windows has had strong dependence, malfunctioning to be started afresh is. Speak of safe problem, do not get online or be able to alleviate through firewall measure. And this go up, the ERP point of view that often hears together fails to meet each other, flow of each production, work wants the company entirely obedient on ERP system, become a masterstroke that company use does. Even to Woerma, UPS such a few enterprises think their core competition ability is with respect to expression over informatization ability. ERP drives the chain that the industry runs like, how be if was chain broken,met? The machine stayed entirely, and because,the enterprise still is met inertial generation a few irregular motion, this causes the effect of negative profit.

Does the result of this kind of hidden trouble of ERP have after all how old? Enterprise of a shoemaking has produced ERP to break down 3 days, and the thing that must have a holiday 3 days. And the order of early days, and several weeks when the order from the back is delayed, because cannot seasonable shipment, business praise loss more measure hard. Can imagine the situation that they face currently, without position of raw material reserve, manufacturing branch cannot be discharged produce, upriver supplier also cannot provide raw material according to designing sectional demand, whole product line is stopped to come down. This reacted an enterprise puts the frangibility that be in actually, the enterprise is carrying the overly in doing a process depends on ERP. Eliminate software all sorts of not stable, or flaw does not say, once have ulterior motives or because just the employee of by discharge be indignant, a cup of green tea is spilled to the server... company production is so weak, according to a few investigation, existing software and hardware stabilize a level to consider integratedly, according to odds, certain business is thought to be able to stop every year at least machine two, and can happen 3 every years more serious again. ERP retrorse result is more and more outstanding rise. Him basis of CIO of a of abroad large company the estimation of the enterprise, annual when ERP flow updates brought capital benefit to be made the same score in 10 million water, because soft hardware is not stable, perhaps replace appearing issue because of flow, the caustic break an appointment that cause is in 1.5 million to 3 million, but this number is appearing the trend that increase by degrees.
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