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Gigantic the story that changes group informatization
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It is difficult that construction ERP system has many after all? Is there standard result? Advisory business a view, product supplier a view, a party to an undertaking of the enterprise a view, business information is in charge of a view, the private enterprise has his view, the view that state-owned company has him... nevertheless, the phenomenon that we can see now is however, no matter have the result, still more and more enterprises do ERP to perhaps had begun to do in preparation. And in gigantic turn a group in, have an attitude only to ERP, no matter have much pain, it is difficult to have many, can succeed only, cannot fail. This also is gigantic change climax of group chief engineer most a word that often says.

Be based on this, in gigantic change group interior, now complete already member arouse rise to make this item together, although there is rife difficulty in this process, and some are difficult really not small. Climax say, what we do not have expect to arrive have a lot of difficulty at the beginning, although we are in before the hand, also think of a few difficulty beforehand really, but the imagination is mixed mediumly actual still is to have not little difference. Everybody had not made ERP system here, does not know to be able to have how many difficulty among them, but we believe to want to be certain direction does not have a fault only, we are about hard to overcome, and conquer it.

Start from financial system
Speak of gigantic change a group to be in the experience of informatization respect, actually not little. From last centuries 80 time begin, gigantic change a group to start from software of business accounting of applied finance affairs, popularize informatization application in entire company stage by stage. The comprehensive application that includes the software of financial business accounting that develops by oneself among them; Before the country prevents bogus duty to accuse to apply, still developed sale software by oneself, realized the computer to print, processing value added tax and average bill; Additional, with financial business accounting software application is core, supply to material, the domain such as product sale is outspread, built management system; Built the material of goods and materials that contains whole business and monitoring to supply a system to wait. In the development that has individual system stage by stage and applied process, to gigantic changed integral informatization construction to lay solid foundation.

"These year development and application, although cannot say,be stride advancement, but laid a foundation to the enterprise really, more important is to was an enterprise to foster a batch to know business management already, know the omnibus talented person of IT technology again. " the climax is evaluated so gigantic change group informatization to build initial stage to give now and the benefit that future brings.
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