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The path with Chinese enterprise successful ERP
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Chinese enterprise is expected to the success of ERP is too long really, the business area that the report of all sorts of failure case plans to carry out ERP to those goes more confused; And to certain the enterprise that has carried out ERP success, its strategy thinks, the angle that its select ERP product, train of thought that its cooperate to carry out, we must pay close attention to.

The impulse with the inchoate classics of road all previous that Chinese company thinks to the type selecting of ERP and carries out, medium-term is spellbound, and anxious transfer present reason, its also transferred correspondingly from failure, sealed success as a result a batch of present successful clients; These phenomena also leave nature ERP manufacturer, informatization ministries and commissions of government of research scholar, director and did not carry out an enterprise more reflection.

Regard an ERP as the member that course of study mies wife, if my advocate carries out an enterprise from the ERP that my individual experiences personally, talk about oneself to think to the summary of informatization of Chinese business management, offer a bit point of view of own individual.

One, strategy of business management informatization: Train of thought decides an outlet

ERP itself is containing to manage an ideology, executive ERP is project of system of a management, each respects of the operation that drag in reachs an industry, the manpower endowment source control that includes a company, financial management, production is made, sale cent sells decision-making even analysis to wait; Come from the part say, enterprise a hand reachs on, the industry reachs below personnel of common and financial accounting, can involve somewhat; Additional, from the improvement to company flow, optimize with recombine process of this gradual progress to go up for, its improve degree to also can include the normative and advanced managing do not alter that what mode falls, the big operation that the local fine tuning that needs the company flow below ameliorative management pattern leaves to non-standard, backward mode is waited a moment.

In view of above these drag in reach an industry the ERP of each each each angle, azimuth, levels carries out a reason, ERP project is called " project of a party to an undertaking " , its are direct to the train of thought of business management informatization the influence, way that deciding company future; Pass the test and verify of many example, the company is successful the key is train of thought above all, what kind of train of thought decides what kind of outlet, an enterprise wants to win the success application of ERP, must notice the following at 5 o'clock train of thought:

1.Strategical thinking: Promote an enterprise competition ability with ERP

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