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Fujian tobacco does not want notional ERP
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"The concept of ERP is vaguer now, disparate industry needs to read aloud in outspread this entirely according to his. The each condition that all sorts of application systems develop Fujian tobacco, it is the administrative concept according to oneself enterprise, actual condition that supplies command system of catenary, production and decide. Perfect stage by stage when these systems, when becoming a system repeatedly, it may be an ERP system, fujian tobacco is not all sorts of informatization manage apply mechanically concept. Actually user of major company, industry copies some completely very hard to secure ERP system of the concept. " the ERP system that Zhang Jingwei of section chief of center of information of Fujian tobacco company mentioned everybody to be familiar with so. Work steadily, this excessive be sayinged general principle, in the informatization construction that blended in Fujian tobacco really however, also make their informatization construction develops healthily quickly.

Start from MIS

Fujian tobacco company, set branch of 9 city class, 61 counties company, with Long Yan, Xiamen 2 cigarette plant. Fujian tobacco company had the first computer 1985, 1989 the cigarette industry management information system of Longyan cigarette (MIS) project approving, entered development phase 1990, system of MIS of business of industry of system of the first informatization built Fujian tobacco 1995, passed national tobacco the associated appraisal of ministry of committee of science and technology of city of monopolistic bureau, Fujian, aerospace. Later, fujian tobacco is built successfully in succession again, applied sale of tobacco leaf management information system, cigarette to deserve to send nicotian and system, as monopolistic as management managing system, plan system of MIS of business of statistical system, financial system, industry and code of bar code gush accuse money management system to wait, applied again this year east system of flexible electronic business affairs and system of capital close an account. And 5, the more complete already wide area newwork 6 years ago, also develop the ISDN of 128K subsequently, the SDH that upgrades to 2M again this year (synchronous number series) .

"Why to want to start from MIS system, because use IT,the most immediate effect should be emancipatory labour force. Disparate perhaps to MIS system industry is having different understanding and application, but to nicotian industry, it basically includes system of business system, management, decision-making system 3 much. Since want to liberate labour force, nature is to pass business system to transform business flow to come true. Pass the manufacturing information that expands the function of this system collects a gleam of at the same time, improve management stage by stage again next decision-making come up, this formed the MIS system of nicotian industry. Make with what nicotian industry produces forms for reporting statistics for exemple, going up before MIS system, forms for reporting statistics basically passes handiwork to make, according to the leader's requirement, make different form, pass through the form such as the fax next issue ranking unit, this not only take time is arduous, and wasteful still resource. And make etc automatically through these systems now, not only the standard is uniform, and can get information well and truly. "
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