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The complex environment that answers with place of domestic spin company and theory, the its; that executive informatization is transformed already was extremely urgent but actual strength of gold of as a way of and company condition, difficulty self-evident, the awkward situation that the spin company place that this is all home faces.

Complex spin

How is the informatization that should clear up Chinese spin enterprise done, should figure out above all of Chinese spin enterprise live environment.

Spin in interviewing Beijing amount to software to develop limited company previously, the to Chinese spin enterprise impression in reporter brain is to become the bombazine that coil nevertheless, be equal to the various dress in cloth and shop.

Actually, spin industry but fractionize is made into cotton spinning, wool spinning, silk, printing and dyeing, chemical fibber, dress etc a lot of child industry, the characteristic of every stature industry each are not identical, and the question that spreads all over the company place in every stature industry to be faced with is endless also and same.

Raw material is purchased is a when every spin enterprise must care serious problem, its complexity exceeded us however envisage. Purchase with cotton for exemple, because accept change of supply demand relations, international market, and what cotton harvests is seasonal wait for element influence, its market value often fluctuates very badly, the price difference that this created cotton to purchase cost is bigger. To save cost, of cotton purchase besides wanting to ask to satisfy necessary production according to order, change a condition according to the price wave of pily market even, the choice purchases an opportunity appropriately to undertake buying. Cotton is such, other the market value that waits for raw material like silk, abb, chemical fibber also is such. Anyhow, the raw material of spin enterprise purchases personnel to divide outside having the capacity that purchases personnel commonly, have the eye of management futures even.

Raw material purchases an environment so complex, production and sale link how? Want to understand this problem, want to turn over the newspaper of at hand only, the dress that sees each market is hit break news enough.

What dress sells is seasonal with fashionable sex such strong, so that batch is small, much, delivery became breed quickly characteristic of the production of spin enterprise, sale. The technical reformation that produces segment is facing a complex environment likewise, new technology, new facility emerges in endlessly, and the market that should make oneself product has had, these new technology and new facility are must. If spin enterprise produces exit product, so real time prices became spin quota and foreign exchange the problem that the enterprise must pay close attention to.
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