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Health master IT is chosen
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Although a bag of convenient cover has 1 pilose profit only, but the construction that many yuan 6000 invested to be used at ERP in carrying new group on the head to be in however a few years of in the past. "Oneself backyard has gold, but do not know mining however, this is the problem that faces without the company place of ERP system. " group of very new international (health master) when assistant manager of information center Xu Zhengmin speaks of ERP system, say so.

Current, the site of very new whole nation has hundreds of, all sites are linked together through VPN and ERP system, can see timely data. Adopt a system, group president can see partly at 10 o'clock every morning before today the data of the sale. Xu Zhengmin says, what the company uses is to be based on Unisys ES7000 of actor interest firm to begin to run the system of SAP on the platform of Microsoft and Intel, this system is the core of whole group operation and management at present, it is supporting 14 manufacturing base of whole nation of very new group, 300 business place deliver goods with 140 all business flow of storehouse, make the group can go to the lavatory in the headquarters of Tianjin, easy, apace obtains the market and the information that all sorts of business run, and this one technology the system with advanced, powerful function, can lay solid management foundation to carry new tomorrow on the head 10 years more, can satisfy the requirement that the group expands for a long time.

ERP encounters bottleneck

It is however before this, encountered the biggest bottleneck after executive ERP very newly however. "Carrying new group on the head for quite a long time is to use the systematic environment that is based on Microsoft and Intel. What differ with other company is, very new ERP needs to be carried out respectively in different subsidiary, our project is equivalent to making system of many enterprises ERP. Whole group has 20~30 company, can go up one by one only. " face the structure of an organization with so big group, xu Zhengmin also is at the end of one's wits. "We began to upgrade in April 2002 Tianjin and Hangzhou the system of two the biggest convenient cover companies, the response of system of the SAP after the line on the system speed got very big impact. Before answering time is 1.4~1.5 second (the transmission time that does not contain a network) ; After upgrading, answer time to become very slow, arrive even by the month when, we do not have law balance the books. "

After the course is diagnosed, xu Zhengmin thinks the trouble is brought about by two problems. One is the problem of Microsoft SQL SERVER, when inquiring normally, index can raise the rate of inquiry. But Xu Zhengmin discovers, although exist,index at that time, but SQL SERVER did not use correct index when inquiry, cause systematic rate slow. "At present this problem has undertaken was settlemented through the expert of Microsoft " ; Another problem is very new the program that oneself develop appeared problem. "We the consideration at that time is, the assistance that can adopt Microsoft asks the problem is solved these two, but from the back the system that still the enterprise of the half includes the SAP on need of business of beverage, cookie, does light rely on 8 CPU to you can solve these problems? Does light rely on 8 CPU to you can solve these problems??
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