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Wisdom ignites life- - the application of ERP of chemical industry of Qingdao do
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Limited company of group of fine chemical industry of energy of Qingdao double peach (group of double peach of the following abbreviation) be make at changing by Qingdao dye factory on October 8, 1999 those who hold water. Its predecessor is Qingdao dye factory, only then built 1919, it is the large mainstay business of Chinese dye industry. Series of dispersive dye of card of " of double peach of main production " , neuter dye, aniline black series, Bi Zun ketone and acetyl series in all 8 kinds of big 100 many breed. Belong to a country big one model enterprise, existing employee 2700 much people, cover an area of a face to accumulate 380 thousand square metre, company total assets 500 million yuan.

Double peach group joins WTO to suit quickly the following new economy and new environment, to make business management mode and international management pattern conform, shorten the research and development of new product is periodic, reduce product cost, improve work efficiency, enhance the integral benefit of the enterprise and core competition ability, determination of policymaker of core of double peach group transforms this to have the traditional industry company of hundred years history with informatization. To do well enterprise informatization is built, president of double peach group, general manager guides cadre of concerned branch middle-level, to the ERP of and other places of rich of Jinan, Zi, Yantai, Dalian typical user undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation, invite ERP expert, professor to undertake grooming to the enterprise for many times, improve the knowledge that all cadre builds to enterprise informatization, rise to manage to drive industrialized " with informatization about " to river secretary-general and Zhu Zong, "Transform understanding of traditional industry " with informatization.

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Because " has a headache,the bitter lesson that numerous ERP project fails basically is " of foot of painful medical service of cure head, base.

The enterprise undertakes informatization is built, want to have overall concept and overall demand already, even according to " overall planning, cent pace carries out the principle of " , plan a management information system to company natural resources (ERP system) overall objective, make detailed program, divide pace arrangement. We studied the administrative existing state of affairs of ERP theory and enterprise seriously, drafted " essence of Qingdao double peach refines labour (group) project of limited company ERP is overall the design asks " have the aid of runs software outstandingly at home, build it is a center with financial management, it is a foundation with product technology data, realize what charge reachs to cost in business flow to forecast, control and feedback, realize company production to manage whole process the monitoring that content shedding, iformation flow and capital shed, make financial management, sale management, inventory management, procurement control, workshop management, plan management, cost management compositive and centralized, compose builds to have advanced sex, collect to be mixed into gender, adaptability, security but of expansibility multidimensional managing system.
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