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Be prosperous photoelectricity, "Large-scale custom-built " rear
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Inc. of photoelectricity of Jiangsu be prosperous (abbreviation be prosperous) ERP system application makes a person of the same trade fix eyes upon, direct economic benefits is as high as 5.5 million yuan every year, be labelled by hall of Jiangsu province science and technology " demonstrative project of informatization of Jiangsu province manufacturing industry " .

"A inch of cable in storehouse cannot be put "

The major of be prosperous company that has 600 stuff is engaged in the production of fiber-optic cable and telecommunication cable, last year sales revenue 1 billion yuan, component of electron of ascend body whole nation 100 strong the 2nd.

Cable makes the greatest difficulty depend on its " large-scale custom-built " requirement. On one hand, "A inch of cable in storehouse cannot be put " , the thing that wants because of every user is different, can press only (order) sheet is custom-built, make namely send namely; On the other hand, production total scale wants big, otherwise cost with respect to drive up.

The analysis rises, "Large-scale custom-built " it is a paradox undoubtedly: "Custom-built " those who abide by is " narrow chart principle " , suit specific user only, and " large-scale " what hope to go up most is " wide chart " product, go to come out everybody can be used. Blueness of bang of general manager of company of software of Jiangsu gold thinking is accepted when interviewing, say, in the times that is a center with the client, "Large-scale custom-built " it is the most competitive mode, also be moving difficulty the biggest, to managing the mode with top demand.

The first crisis that creates by sheet is " match towing tie " , the core of different cable is counted and (smooth) the scale of fine silk is different, need one by one " deserve to compare " . "Deserve to compare " when should follow scale demand strictly already, design the combination of fine silk and bushing, consider fiber-optic color to match the proper surplus with cable length even, computation very answer numerous and the response rate with very high demand, traditional match fine to be competent very hard artificially. And 50% what fiber-optic cost holds whole cable cost, the accuracy that matchs towing tie and response rate are great to relation of company competition ability.

The 2nd difficulty is to answer large-scale custom-built manufacturing correlation is spent. In process matching towing tie go up objectively can form " production is cultivated " , each branch on the tree is forked -- supply, the close correlation such as production, quality, craft, need to build each number of squares to occupy quickly, undertake accurate linkage around manufacturing tree jointly. In addition, the huge test data that processes manufacturing process generation also is path difficulty, the thing inside cable is very complex, want to make sure its transmit rate to achieve about a hundred G, need to have accurate test to each fine silk.
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