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Why is ERP carried out quickly?
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System of company application ERP should experience normally " endless " carry out period, it is endless because of executive ERP difficulty, be because periodic and endless and it is more difficult to make carry out,still? Is this both because of,what is, what is if really? This problem lets a person puzzle.

Regard high-tech of a rapid developing as the enterprise, million Wei Xiaotong is in 3 short the line on the success that ERP system achieved in lunar time. This executive time is in SAP is worldwide it is very short in all executive case inside, so that join SAP company,also surprised for so tall executive efficiency. Why can be million Wei Xiaotong carried out quickly? This period " applied seek by inquiry " asked Zhao Weixiao to tell battalion carry inspector general Chen Feng and grant a partner actually luck of fierce of vise general manager of limited company of information of tall Wei Xincheng, senior advisory adviser. Carry their sentence, the reader perhaps is carried out to ERP have a few new knowledge.

From generation demand arrives get improvement

Reporter: Zhao Weixiao is connected is a high-tech enterprise that is major servicing in order to offer network whole solution. After hold water two years short in time, wei Xiaotong develops sign very quickly. Is the motive that you apply ERP to carry out what kind of? Ask the executive process of Wei Xiaotong of brief introduction million.

Chen Feng: Zhao Weixiao tells the company that is style of a centralized management, beijing headquarters controls all goods and fund centrally. We have a financial system and system of a business previously. Business system asks a company to be done according to our demand. But put in a few problems: Because these two systems are detached, need has undertaken Zhang artificially; Additional, original system is done according to our demand, it is OK to just was returned in the begining, ceaselessly new thing is added later, occurrence problem of systematic regular meeting. Because of us business grows very quickly, management becomes the bottleneck that restricts us. We are badly in need of a new software replace original financial system and business system, begin to select ERP product in the market then.

Executive phase was entered after type selecting ends. Executive the first step, we undertake combing to original flow, it is ourselves discovers a few flaw on one hand, let adviser know our flow and style on the other hand. It is right then original flow undertakes transforming, it is right next the system undertakes configuration, prepare data, finally is test phase. In fact, we are original the flow of flow and SAP, be opposite for instance the control of credit, control to inventory, control to sale price, basically be consistent. Just ERP provided a measure to us. It is to the control of credit outside the system the notes is done so for example, and ERP is OK and compositive rise to be finished automatically. Such making that we save below a lot of time. Actually, our flower time is more is advanced face -- of original flow comb the establishing with new technological process, used the time of a month only.
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