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ERP is successful 3 a magic weapon
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In the course that ERP is in China nearly 10 years, have the successful case that a lot of your people fix eyes upon already, also have the typical case of many failure. If why carry out this to bestrew the highway that channel channel bank pits to go up to had gone all the way in ERP, it is the problem that urgenter and urgenter need solves numerous enterprise. Be based on old ERP practice to reach think, the author thinks, 3 a magic weapon that carry out ERP successfully are: The item process with the executive group good; with clear, practical executive target outstanding; manages and control. Below the author participates in a finished Shenzhen recently the project of group of some drug trade (industry of drug of A of the following abbreviation) for exemple, make one introduction to 3 afore-mentioned a magic weapon.

One of a magic weapon -- clear, practical executive target

The objective setting that ERP carries out is very important, it decided the success or failure of ERP project almost.

ERP is carried out is not a project of simple enterprise informatization construction or project of system of business management information, however the systematic project of business management. If business management target is set too high, very easy punch-drunk. The target blurs, in fulfilling specific executive work very hard. Specific executive target to ERP project carry out, be like the harbour of sea the other shore, if do not have specific, specific voyage target and direction, ship gets very easily of all sorts of different environment elements affect and lose way.

The enterprise that a lot of choices carry out ERP can be passed mostly longer brew, type selecting, final decision investment is huge endowment, its invest redound to reflect the aim that implements in ERP project to go up. Make clear so, practical executive target is the assurance that ERP carries out successfully, also be to measure an ERP project to succeed standard.

A goal with the mainest first phase of its enterprise executive ERP makes the controller set of A drug industry namely compositive, real time information platform, and define its clearly the platform of a whole for whole company. The company is in after all business information classics that can make public chase class accredit interior is shared adequately and exchange, company staff (include decision-making layer and executive layer) after obtaining information in time, from different point of view, answer in time respectively, increase the work efficiency of company whole and reflective capacity thereby, in order to suit current and fast changeful market demand.

The position that builds like informatization of most home company is same, this enterprise is before executive ERP system, many different system such as mutual business system, Zhang Wu system, office system is in those who support each function department to run. With respect to function branch interior character, these systems move well, but because these systems are not compositive, pair of Zhang workload of system of every months of business and Zhang Wu system are very big, and cannot provide company high level well and truly all sorts of government forms for reporting statistics that decision-making place needs. In the meantime, as a result of the ceaseless development of enterprise oneself and dilate, the controller of the enterprise feels information Gu island to be restricted to what the company grows apparently. Accordingly, unified information platform is the problem that at present urgent need solves the enterprise. So, in item executive process, the executive end that proposes from beginning to end is what should solve information is sufficient share and exchange; in time to be this, the member that all projects are comprised ground of have a definite object in view forward this one target tries hard.
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